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Creative, passionate and versatile, Etsuko Tajima has made her statement in the New York Music Scene and abroad.   Etsuko is a pianist, keyboardist, arranger, vocalist, and composer. Known for her dexterity and rhythmic virtuosity, Etsuko has performed for various Jazz, salsa, West African, Brazilian, Reggae, Neo- Soul, and Hip-Hop band. She has an eclectic and strong musical background.


Born in Tokyo, Japan, Etsuko began her musical journey at the tender age of 4. She started studying piano and devoted a significant amount of time to the violin.  Living in a home filled with musicians, her musical development came naturally.  With her mother a classical pianist and father a classical saxophonist, she received the support she needed to take the necessary career steps that have helped her arrive where she is today. She graduated from Brooklyn-Queens Conservatory where she received her diploma degree in Jazz piano.


She released her first full album Infinite Possibilities in July 2016 and has performed at BRIC Jazz Festival with her quintet.

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